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Proposal Submission Process

PI at a DBPNet Site interested in proposing a study to be conducted within DBPNet should prepare a brief preliminary that outlines the aims and hypotheses, importance of the question, methods proposed, and any potential funding mechanism.

Investigators who are not affiliated with a DBPNet site who want to submit a proposal to DBPNet should develop the preliminary proposal in collaboration with an investigator at a DBPNet member site. If the preliminary proposal is accepted, the investigator may apply to have his or her site recognized as an affilitated research site for the purposes of developing the full protocal and conducting the study.

This preliminary proposal should be submitted by the DBPNet Steering Committee (SC) member at the site that is submitting the prelimnary proposal. The proposal should be submitted  to the Network Coordinating Center (NCC).

Prospective PI’s wishing to consult with the Research Protocol Developmental and Review Subcommittee (RPDR) during the development of this preliminary proposal should send a one paragraph description of the project and the investigators questions to the NCC which will work with the RPDR to appoint an appropriate RPDR or NCC member to answer the investigator’s questions.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal and are at a site that is represented on the Steering Committee, please contact your local DBP-Net Steering Committee Member or you can also contact the Project Manager, Jaclyn Cacia at

If you are interested in submitting a proposal and are at a site that in NOT represented on the Steering Committee contact the Project Manager, Jaclyn Cacia at

Please use the below instructions as a guide to Preliminary Proposal Development.

Format for Submitting Preliminary Proposals to DBPNet

Page One: Administrative Information

  1. Title of the Study
  2. Principal Investigator  and Co-Investigators

(Please provide contact information for the PI including mailing address, email address, telephone number, and fax number. If the PI is not at a DBPNet site please also provide contact information for the Co-PI at a DBPNet site)

  1. Institution of PI
  2. Length of Study
  3. List any DBPNet Sites that collaborated in developing this proposal
  4. Funded?  Yes/No, Potential funding sources, estimated budget (if known). Indicate if you are responding to a specific request for proposals


Pages Two-Three: Structured Scientific Summary
One-two pages with one-inch margins all around. The following information should be incorporated in the scientific summary:

  1. Background (limited to 2-5 sentences): Describe the significance of the problem under study to Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics. Describe what is not known about the problem that the proposal intends to address.
  2. Preliminary data.  Provide any data that have been collected in support of the application.
  3. Objective(s) and Hypothesis(es): Describe the precise objective(s) of the proposed research. State the specific hypothesis(es) to be tested.
  4. Design: Describe the basic design of the study. Outline inclusion and exclusion criteria and  sample size estimates. Indicate the primary outcomes and how they will be measured. Indicate any specimens to be collected, assessment procedures that will be required, and/or interventions that will be performed.
  5. Potential Impact (limit to 1-2 sentences): Discuss where the research is leading and in what ways and  how  the findings might potentially influence the prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of developmental or behavioral problems or disorders in children.