Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Research Network
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EHR Data Capture in DBPNet

Extracting Electronic Health Record Data on Use of Psychotropic Medications in DBPNet: Costs, Feasibility, and Practice Variation.


Data in electronic health records (EHRs) contains of wealth of information about physician practices and some of their outcomes, but there are a number of challenges associated with using this data for research.  Little is known about developmental-behavioral pediatricians  practices and there variations, but understanding this information is an important first step to improving clinical practice in the field. The developmental-behavioral pediatrics research network (DBPNet) is a multisite research network designed to conduct research that will improve developmental-behavioral pediatric practice.


  • The primary objective of this study is to determine the feasibility and costs of collecting and sharing deidentified data from a subset of DBPNet sites.
  • The secondary objective is use data collected from the EHR at a subset of DBPNet sites to describe the practices and factors associated with variation in practices regarding the use of psychotropic medications in developmental-behavioral pediatric practice.

Study Design:

  • This is a retrospective descriptive study that will attempt to collect already existing data from EHRs at multiple sites within DBPNet.


  • Deidentified data will be extracted from EHRs at participating DBPNet sites for patients seen in developmental-behavioral pediatrics outpatient practice between 1/1/2010 and 12/31/2011 inclusive.  We expect that up to 5 DBPNet sites will participate in the study.

Study Interventions and Measures:

  • There are no study interventions. We will assess the feasibility of EHR data collection by describing the frequency of missing data (sparsity) of fields across variables and we will measure the costs of collecting this data.
  • We will use the data collected to describe developmental-behavioral pediatrics practices regarding the diagnoses seen and use of psychotropic medications in developmental-behavioral pediatrics practices as well as child, clinician, and site factors that relate to variations in the use of psychotropic medications.